Premium Asphalt Paving Techniques for Optimal Performance

Let us give your home curb appeal with the proper maintenance of your blacktop driveway.

A home is only as beautiful as its surroundings. Our residential paving services in Tennessee are designed to improve your driveway’s durability while boosting your home’s inherent curb appeal. Proper, consistent maintenance can keep your driveway in peak condition for way less than the cost of a full removal and replacement. However, no matter what support you need, we have the skill to provide you with affordable, comprehensive, and timely service for residential projects at any scale.

Our residential services department provides the proper maintenance to extend the life of your paved asphalt driveway for pennies compared to the price of a full removal and replacement of your blacktop or concrete surface.

Our Asphalt Services In Tennessee

Durable Solutions for Long-Lasting Asphalt Surfaces

The customer experience can be negatively affected by the smallest details. Start winning their trust from the moment they arrive with exceptional asphalt paving that’s designed to mitigate wear and tear and increase longevity. You’ve put countless hours of passion and care into your business, so why not have a stunning exterior to match? A clean, well-tended parking lot goes a long way toward creating an atmosphere of professionalism and reliability. Our team will help you achieve exceptional results, whether that means crack filling, overlays, or a complete replacement.

  • Commercial Specific Services:

    • Layout painting and re-striping for ADA compliance.
    • Concrete curbing and car stops. 
    • Emulsion sealant that’s cold tar based, with Tar Max R-100 polymer additives and silica sand added.

Residential Asphalt Paving Services In Tennessee

A well-maintained driveway greatly enhances your home’s aesthetic beauty and street appeal. However, deteriorating pavement can seriously drag down the rest of your property, diminishing all the work you’ve done designing, landscaping, and tending the exterior. Don’t let your asphalt and concrete additions fall into disarray. Regular upkeep can improve their lifespan and save you money in the long-run. Our paving specialists are experienced at general repairs, sealing, resurfacing, and extensive overhauls— anything your driveway needs for a safer, smoother ride.

  • Residential Specific Services:
    • Existing driveway modifications, including extensions, turnarounds, and additional parking spaces. 
    • Drain system and water-directional berm installation
    • Gravel driveway option

General Asphalt Maintenence

Even the strongest asphalt paving begins to break down over time. That’s why, regardless of location, we recommend scheduling frequent maintenance to reduce or restore damage. If potholes or broken areas begin to appear, American Paving can patch them up and provide other basic repairs. Our seal coating and hot rubberized crack filling methods are effective preventative measures, protecting your pavement and keeping small defects from growing. If widespread deterioration has started to take place, we can completely resurface your property’s asphalt with a new overlay or cap, connecting the old and new surfaces with a powerful hot-tack glue coating. Take it from us: it’s always better to pay for a minor fix now than a full-fledged, costly replacement later.

Asphalt Paving Contractors You Can Rely On
Premium Asphalt Paving Techniques for Optimal Performance

Backed by a team of trained experts dedicated to delivering exceptional results, American Paving navigates even the most intricate jobs with ease. As a company specializing in asphalt paving, we have the resources and in-depth expertise to manage a wide range of comprehensive services. Does your pavement need minor repairs? Are you facing a full-scale excavation and rebuild? Our professional craftsmen offer timely and affordable assistance for tasks of any scale, complexity, or location in Tennessee.

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Get in touch with American Paving to schedule your asphalt seal coating service or to receive a free estimate. Our team is ready to provide the best care and maintenance for your pavement, ensuring longevity and performance.

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