Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is American Paving TN located?
A: We are centrally located in Knoxville, TN and serve all of the surrounding counties from Loudon, Roane, Anderson, Blount, Knox & Sevier.  If you live or your business is located anywhere in East Tennessee, Contact Us today for a prompt, free, no-obligation estimate!

Q: What are some causes of asphalt deterioration?
A: Asphalt degrades as a result of weather, chemicals, and heavy traffic. Lack of correct thickness of pavement also causes asphalt deterioration as the pavement cannot properly support the loads that travel across it. Lack of periodic maintenance and unstable sub-base components are two other common causes of asphalt deterioration. American Paving TN offers a variety of services that provide a barrier against asphalt deterioration.

Q: My driveway is losing its black color and has cracking and loose stone. What can I do to fix it?
A: Your driveway’s appearance is a result of weather, chemicals, and natural wear and tear. Asphalt surfaces typically start to fade in color after a one year. Seal coating not only restores your driveway’s original rich, dark appearance, but it also protects your investment long-term by extending the life of the driveway by as much as 3-4 times longer than driveways that are not seal coated. This results as a of costs pennies per square foot for seal coating and crack repair versus dollars per square foot for full asphalt replacement.

Q: When should cracks be sealed?
A: The sooner the better! Any crack which is 3/8 inch or wider allows moisture to penetrate to the subsurface. Eventually this causes the asphalt to degrade. We offer a full range of patching and repair services for all cracks and potholes on your asphalt surface.

Q: What is involved in the building of asphalt driveways, parking lots, and roadways?
A: There are 5 important steps to building any of the above. Planning or designing of the asphalt surface, clearing the area, installing sub-grade components, installing base stone, and finally installing and paving the asphalt surface itself. We provide all of these services and more!

Q: What is seal coating (sometimes spelled “seal coating”)?
A: Seal coating (or seal coating) is a process through which one or more layers of a coal tar pitch or asphalt cement mix is applied to asphalt parking lots, driveways and other asphalt surfaces. Seal coating provides a rich, black appearance to the asphalt which also serves as a protective barrier against asphalt damage caused by weather, chemicals, and heavy traffic. Periodic maintenance of asphalt surfaces with our seal coating services extend the serviceable life of the asphalt by as much as 3-4 times longer than asphalt surfaces left exposed to damaging elements.

Q: What about parking lot and roadway striping?
A: American Paving TN is an industry leader in pavement striping. This includes standard striping of parking lots and roadways, ADA handicapped markings, and any other markings that you need for your business. American Paving TN also provides signage, concrete curbing and painting, rubber wheel stops, and other related needs for our commercial customers. Look at a sample of our recent commercial jobs to get an idea of how American Paving TN can meet your striping and signage needs!

Q: Do you offer free estimates?
A: Yes! We provide prompt, free, no-obligation estimates for any job in East Tennessee. Simply Contact Us today!

If you do not see your specific question above or want further information, simply Contact Us! We provide a full range of asphalt paving, seal coating, and striping services to serve our commercial customers in East TN.