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The appearance of your parking lot or roadway is an important part of your business image.


The appearance of your parking lot or roadway significantly influences your business image in Knoxville. When considering your business image, you likely focus on your storefront or the presentation of your products. Yet, the state of your asphalt paving is just as crucial for building customer confidence. Well-maintained asphalt not only exudes professionalism but also dramatically extends the lifespan of parking lots. Enhance both the appearance and longevity of your Knoxville business by working with our skilled experts. Our comprehensive approach is equipped to handle any paving need that arises.

Regular maintenance of your existing asphalt pavement extends its life by as much as three to four times compared to unmaintained asphalt surfaces. Protect your business image in Knoxville by properly maintaining your paved surfaces. We provide a wide range of asphalt paving, seal coating, striping, and concrete curbing for our commercial customers in Knoxville, TN.

Expert Paving Solutions for Knoxville’s Commercial Needs

Our Commercial Services in Knoxville, TN

  • Installation: If you need a new parking lot, our Knoxville team has the manpower and expertise to excavate your chosen area before grading, basing, and then installing the asphalt mat.
  • Replacement: Is your current parking lot looking worn? We can also do a complete rip-out and replacement, restoring your pavement to the quality you expect.
  • Resurfacing: In some cases, it’s not necessary to redo everything from the ground up. Parking lots in Knoxville that have begun to deteriorate can benefit from renewed overlays or capping. We use a hot-tack coating or industrial roadway glue on the old surface to ensure it bonds properly to the new covering.

  • Maintenance: Consistent parking lot maintenance is crucial for extending the lifespan of your pavement. Our services encompass regular inspections, thorough cleaning, and timely repairs to tackle minor issues before they escalate. This proactive strategy keeps your parking lot safe, functional, and attractive throughout the year.
  • Protection: Thorough cleaning, hot rubberized crack filling, and a special seal coating can mitigate incremental damage. The coating we use is a cold tar-based emulsion sealer mixed with Tar Max R-100 polymer additives and silica sand.
  • Striping: Parking lots in Knoxville need informational striping to keep everything orderly and well-functioning. It’s not uncommon for these painted elements to fade over time. Our complete layout and re-striping services are designed for ADA compliance.
  • Concrete Additions: We also supply concrete elements designed to improve the overall utility and appearance of your Knoxville business. This includes curbing, water directional berms, as well as car stops (which come in both concrete and rubber).
Why Use Our Knoxville Commercial Paving Contractors?
Expert Solutions for Knoxville’s Commercial Paving Needs.

As a full-service asphalt paving company, American Paving boasts reliable experience in both commercial and residential projects. Our team of dedicated professionals in Knoxville skillfully completes every job, regardless of size, for the fairest price. Safeguard your business’ reputation with an expertly maintained parking lot and paving solutions tailored to your specific needs. Serving all of Knoxville with quick response times and versatile service plans, we never compromise on the level of quality our customers deserve.

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